Just My Socks 新上线 LA 10000 套餐,该套餐为 10TB 超大流量,价格仅 $93.99 每月。


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Just My Socks LA 10000

Just My Socks LA 10000 套餐内容:

10TB 流量,5G 带宽,不限制设备使用,$93.99 每月。


Los Angeles

We provide you with 5 IPs which have slightly different routing:

cXs1 and cXs2 are routed via CN2 GT network with additional China Unicom and China Mobile direct connectivity. We use multiple CN2 GT datacenters, so both servers are not routed equally to ensure maximum resiliency.

Server cXs3 is routed via CN2 GIA network provided by China Telecom

Server cXs4 uses our Osaka Softbank (Japan) POP

Server cXs5 uses our Netherlands POP with CN2 GIA support for all 3 carriers (CU/CM/CT) on return path

Depending on your provider (CT, CU, CM) you may see different connection speeds using different servers, so we recommend trying out each server to see which one works best for you.

Please see your service information page to see detailed configuration of each server and pick the one that works best for you.

说人话就是,电信用 CXS3,移动联通用 CXS2,当然不管用哪个运营商也可以用 CXS4


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到底是什么人会需要 10TB 流量的套餐呢,真的非常好奇!带带弟弟吧